Pursue Love. Desire the Gifts

Kickin' It Old School

The book of Acts shows us how church was done 'back in the day'. It's the story of dedicated Christ followers impacting their communities through the power of God, spreading the gospel, winning people to Christ, healing the sick, casting out demons, gathering together for prayer and the Word, and doing it all over again. That's a pretty good blueprint for the church today. 

Church Should Be A Party

Heaven will be one long party. And church should bring a little slice of heaven to earth. Why should church be depressing? We have every reason to throw a party. Our God is not dead. He is alive. He has conquered death, forgiven our sins, given us eternal life, filled us with His Spirit, and given us a purpose in the world. And every time we gather to celebrate Him, He shows up to the party.


Mother's Day 2017

Know The Tactics, Not The Voice

               We are in a battle. The war has been won, but the enemy is still fighting.                       To pretend there is no battle is foolish.

You Can't Do Life Alone

Christians need other Christians. We need support, encouragement, friendship, and prayer. God has not called anyone to be an island unto themselves. We need Christian community. Whether through serving the church with other Christ followers or joining a small group, building relationships with other Christians can be one of the most fulfilling steps in following Jesus.

Tulsa Needs jesus

Jesus has called us to reach the lost. And the lost can be found right in our own city. Tulsa is a missions field ripe for harvest. The question is, will you take up the call to invite the lost to become the found?

No One Can Out Give God

A kid gave Jesus his snack, and Jesus turned it into a feast for thousands. When you give to God willingly and sacrificially, God always gives back far more. And He does more with what you give than you could ever imagine.

Guest Speaker: Mario Murillo

Mario Murillo is a friend of Grace Church and a part of our family. He is a powerful evangelist, prophet, and preacher. His desire is to reach the lost with the love of Jesus Christ.


Everyone Has a Next Step

Jesus is calling you to follow Him. And following Him means taking steps. And we all have a next step to take. Even the Apostle Paul, who wrote more than half of the books of the New Testament, said he had to 'press on' in his walk with Christ. If Paul had a next step, so do we all. What is yours?

Life Lessons Of Gideon

Do you ever feel inadequate? Feel like the job given to you is bigger than you? Good. You're in a good place to be used by God. That's how Gideon felt when God called him to free Israel from their enemies. In Life Lessons of Gideon, you will learn that with God you're stronger than you think, and that God can use you to accomplish great things even if you're afraid. 


The word 'Home' around Christmas time brings up a whole array of memories and emotions for each of us. We'll visit the warm, cozy home for Christmas that so many remember, imagine, or hope for and the reality of struggles, family, and stress that most of us face during this time of year. After this service we want you to walk away feeling loved, encouraged, and hopeful; like you spent time at home.

The Key To The Future

Our Senior Pastor, Robb Yandian, sits down with our Kid's Pastor, Audria Bobbitt, to talk about how our kids are the key to the future and worth our investment!

The Expectation Game

Are you expecting God to do something in your life? You can know that He will do it, but you probably won't know how He will do it. Our expectations of God are always too small. He is infinite in His creativity. So, allow Him to blow your expectations out of the water.

Guest Speaker

Bob Yandian

Bob Yandian was the pastor of Grace Church for 33 years. In 2013 he began a new phase of ministry and his son, Robb Yandian, became the Senior Pastor of the church. Bob travels extensively to train up a new generation in the word of God at Bible schools, ministers conferences, and churches.

Not Your Father's Faith

Faith is one of the most important concepts in Scripture. We're 'saved by faith', we're supposed to 'walk by faith', 'keep the faith', and 'stand in faith'. But what is faith? In this series, we discuss what God says faith is in the Bible, not some convoluted version of faith handed down to us through weird preachers with perfect hair. We will also tackle some of the toughest questions regarding faith--you know, those questions you have in your mind, but never voiced. 

The Loveseat

Three couples in The Loveseat telling us their stories, sharing truth, and getting real about marriage.