Are You Lonely?


Are you lonely?

Recently I was in a conversation and the person began to tell me, as tears flowed down their face, how lonely they felt. This person is a Christian and knows the Lord. But still, aren’t there times when we feel so very alone? God made us to be with people. He never intended us to do life alone. Having relationships is a very important part of being a human being.

Why does it seem, though, sometimes those relationships are stripped away one at a time until it’s just us and God?

As I began to talk with this sweet soul, I said sometimes God sets us apart for a greater plan. There are times when God uses the loneliness to draw us closer to him. It forces us to take a look at where our trust has been the whole time. Have we been trusting people to fill that void or God? What’s in your hand right now? Is loneliness in your hand or your heart? If so - it is only temporary and dare I say, lean into the loneliness. Press into God to fill your heart. When you’re fully trusting in God, then you can have healthy balanced relationships with people.