Removing The Victim Crown

Our world today is constantly telling us we are victims. For the most part that is true. There are victims of crime, abuse, neglect, etc. We hear about it everyday. Sometimes the victimization is on a little bit smaller scale. We have been wronged, lied about, slandered, treated unfairly--and the list goes on. Really, every person we come in contact with has been a victim in some way or another. Every person has a "story". You watch TV and any prime time athletic competition show or talent show highlights every contestant's story and how they overcame adversity and are no longer a victim. Perhaps you're a victim of yourself. You never let go of mistakes or you are incredibly hard on yourself. I know for myself I never thought I wore the victim crown until recently. I found myself stuck in some thinking patterns, stuck in shell of unworthiness. We can often be harder on ourselves than any person could ever be on us. We know the internal battles we face daily. 

What's my point? My point is we are not called to live as victims. It is very easy to say out of our face hole "I am a victor not a victim," but do we really believe it down in our hearts? Do we really see ourselves as forgiven, fully capable people? I have recently come upon this phrase: "get past what you'll never get over". That struck me like a bolt of lightning.  There are things in life you will never get over but you can get past them and move forward to a happy and productive life. 

When I was 6 years old my step-dad began to abuse me sexually. This was the beginning of a dysfunctional life I waded around in for decades.  I will never get over that but I am past it. I can talk about it and help people who have turned to self destructive patterns trying to medicate that pain.  

The first step to removing the victim crown is to recognize we are wearing it. Take it off. Stop looking backwards. Nothing can be done about the past, but the future is wide open. When you constantly go over in your head what's been done or what you did, you're chaining yourself to that part of your life. Lift up your head, put on a new crown of confidence, love, forgiveness and strength. 

"But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head." Psalm 3:3