Grace Kids

newborn-5th grade

At Grace Kids your children will make friends and learn about God in an environment and with curriculum designed for their age level. Learning the Bible has never been so much fun!


All classrooms open at 8:45AM


All classrooms open at 6:45PM


Check-in Procedure

Anyone new that attends our service will be checked in by a team member at the kiosk designated for Guests and Members downstairs in the Grace Kids building. Once checked in, the system will print out one name tag label for each child and a parent tag.  This is important to know for two reasons:

(1) You will need to hold on to that tag and show it at each class
     to pick up your children, your child will have the matching number on their name tag. The parent tag will have two matching numbers on it so that it can be torn in half and parents can divide and conquer at pick up time! 

(2) The number listed on the parent tag will be the number used in the event we need to contact you during the service. In this situation, the parent tag number will appear in red numbers next to the video screens in the auditorium. If this
     should happen, you will simply come to the children’s building and go to a team member so they can take you to the right location.

Safety + Security

Our volunteer Team Ministers have completed a thorough application, have passed a comprehensive background check, are required to be members of Grace Church, and have completed a personal interview with the Kid's Pastor before actively serving in Grace Kids.
Before Team Ministers can begin, signatures are required on Acknowledgement Statements documenting compliance with the policies and procedures found in the Grace Kids Team Ministers Manual.

Team Ministers must adhere to a “two adult” policy at all times. At no time is a Team Minister allowed to be alone with a child on the Grace Church campus.


Safety: Each classroom is divided into age-appropriate groupings. Special care and attention has been given to the selection of toys and equipment and to the policies and procedures that have been implemented.

Care: Our Team Members take caring for other people's children very seriously. We recognize Grace Church nursery Team Members might be the first non-family member to care of your little ones and that's a big deal. We are honored when we get to help children learn to love Jesus and get established in a church family at such a young age.

Nurture: Each child is taught the Word of God every service. We pray Scripture over our newborns while our 18-36 month class emphasizes Bible lessons in an age-appropriate and visually stimulating way so that even at this young age, they are learning about the Lord.



Creativity:  The two-five year old curriculum focuses on age-appropriate methods and lessons where the children learn and apply the Word of God. 

During the community group hour, the preschoolers are focusing on their relationship with God.  For example, we have our God Sightings lessons.  Matthew 7:7 says “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  We tell our children that God is everywhere, but from a child’s eyes, they don’t understand that.  So each week, we take one item (that is in the kid’s lives) and we focus on how God is in that item (created it, or makes us feel when we use it/play with it).  Then we have a journal time where team leaders have an individual discussion and prayer about how they spent time with God that week.

During the service time, the preschoolers are focusing on Biblical lessons.  We offer numerous ways for the children to be creative and express themselves through crafts, praise and worship, and biblical teaching.  We encourage the children to make the right decisions and to be creative in their thinking.

Obedience: We have classroom rules that are easy to follow and easy to obey. Our main focus is not on their behavior as much as it is for the children to be obedient to God’s Word, their parents, their teachers, and other leaders. Our true hope is to teach the children to be on the obedience side of God because this is where the blessings in life are for them!

Interaction: Children at this age have not yet reached their full understanding of interaction with other children. We teach them principles on sharing, taking turns, and asking for help. Our teachers have a watchful eye on the children who feel left out, or to the visitors who are in unfamiliar surroundings. All activities are based on biblical influence with a twist of fun!


Kidz Town

ages 6 - 5th Grade

Teach: In every service, children are taught the Word of God in a manner that is easily understood and can be immediately applied. Children are then challenged to put into practice what they have heard.

Train: In Kidz Town we want to develop the spiritual and natural gifts of each child. When we recognize a gift or talent in a child we encourage them to begin using it by serving the other children in Kidz Town.

Praise + Worship: Every service is filled with the expectation. This time is an opportunity for children to express themselves through song and dance and experience the presence of God. It’s a high energy, truly motivating, self-encouraging, God expressing, habit forming interaction for children.





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