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Contact Information


Church Directory

Administrative Offices

(918) 252-1611



(918) 250-2207


Grace Moms Day Out

(918) 249-9100


Counseling Department

(918) 250-6462


Word Shop Café

(918) 461-2950

All church staff may be reached at (918) 252-1611 during normal office hours, 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Thursday. The Word Shop Cafe hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Thursday, and 30 minutes before and after every weekly service. The WSC is closed for lunch 12:30-1:30 weekdays.

To reach a specific department,
call (918) 252-1611 and the extension:

Associate Pastor 5202
Children 5087
Counseling 5600
Finance 5085
Information Technology 5086
Media Services 5090
Operations 5153
Outreach 5202
Pastoral Care 5050
Pastor’s Office 5080
GSM 5083
Worship Arts 5089
Student 5081

After Hours Menu

(918) 252-1611, when the system answers press:

“1” for Emergency Counseling or contacting a staff member in an emergency


You can email and the email will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

Emergency Contacts


Emergencies don’t always happen during office hours. If you have a situation, such as hospitalization or death in the family, and need to contact a minister on staff, call the church at (918) 252-1611 and follow the prompts to reach the emergency phone counselor. They will talk with you, pray with you or contact one of our ministers, who will promptly return your call.


Tulsa Help Line 211
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Loaves and Fishes (918) 234-8577
John 3:16 Mission (918) 587-1186