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Bob Yandian

Robb Yandian


Robb has been at Grace Church since he was born in May 1975. He has been on staff since August of 1998, and has worked in several departments of the church over the years. He taught History and Bible for 11 years at Grace Christian School. He worked for the maintenance department for a few years and in the custodial department off and on for a couple of years. He worked in the youth department for 9 years, headed up missions and outreach for 2 years, and became pastor of Grace Church in May 2013. He has been married to his wife Kellie since 1996 and they have three children: Alex, Nathan, and Rachel.


Things you may not know...

I always smile when: OU beats OSU.
You ought to see my collection of: retired running shoes.
3 simple things that give me joy: family, books, running.
My iPod playlist consists of: worship music, hair bands (80’s “metal”), Spanish lessons.
3 words that describe me: husband-dad, studier, runner.
If you ask me, there could never be enough: good balsamic vinegar.
In my spare time you’ll find me: running or reading.
My all-time favorite movie is: Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Other favorites:

Color – Crimson and Creme
Food – A really good ribeye, medium-rare, salt, pepper, olive oil, with a dab of butter
Sport – American football
Season - Fall
TV Show –30 Rock, Property Brothers, Brain Games
Hangout – Home with the fam
Someday I’d like to: Take Kellie on a Mediterranean cruise.
I hope heaven includes: Bible doctrine courses taught by Jesus and Paul; a fully-stocked kitchen in my mansion; an 18-hole disc golf course and a really long running trail.
I am moved when: I see the homeless.
People would be surprised to know: I’m really interested in string theory.
I am the most passionate about: The Word of God.
Other than the Bible, name one book that has impacted you:"Vertical Church" by James MacDonald
Have you had a “defining moment” in life? What was it? Marrying my best friend.
Sum up your personal philosophy in one sentence:“I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified."