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Contact Info

General Contact Info

(918) 252-1611, Ext. 5600, 5601


Counseling Director

Carl Constable


Administrative Assistant

Barbi Sterrenberg


Grace Church provides counseling based upon the Word of God. Volunteers are trained to minister as altar counselors, emergency phone counselors, pre-marital counseling, or one-on-one biblical counseling. The Counseling Department disciples people through several different programs by getting them plugged into a place where they will receive correction, instruction, acceptance and love.


Premarital Counseling is offered to help couples identify, talk about and correct differences they may have before they actually get married. Premarital counseling is required to be married by one of the staff ministers and/or to hold the wedding at Grace Church. Please call to make an appointment.


Emergency Phone Counseling  Emergency situations can arise at any time. Should you need counseling or have a genuine emergency situation arise, one of our phone counselors is available 24 hours a day, weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Call the church number (918-252-1611) and follow the prompts to reach the emergency counselor. If needed, they will put you in touch with a staff minister.